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Open Beta Test

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Open Beta Test Event 



Hello to the AspectRO community! We would like to announce our Open Beta Test Event, which is going on for the remainder of our Open Beta. During this Extended Beta Test, the rates will be 15x15x7x, they will revert back to 5x5x7x when the Beta Test ends. We appreciate our players and their efforts to help us make the server better and would like to reward you all. Thanks for all of the bug finding and the lovely suggestions! :ho:


Rules and Information:

  • Register an account, and log in and join in on the OBT fun!
  • Accounts registered during the duration of the OBT will receive their rewards after the official opening of the server.




  • 2x Aspect Dye Coupons hkSpKvO.gif 
  • 1x Beta Red Envelope (Worth 50k Zeny) 668.gif
  • 100x Cash Points hkSpKvO.gif
  • 5x Aspect box of chance 12478.gif


Event Duration: 

  • The Event will last until 06/15/19.



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